The Simple Things

Sometimes the days are huge and dinner comes around at exactly the same time I wouldn’t mind sitting down and doing nothing for a while. Historically, that would be the time I reached for a pizza, or cut up some bread for a quick and easy meal – hardly any time invested, hardly any washing up and as it turns out, hardly any nutrients…

Lately, I’ve discovered the secret to an easy meal is to have a few super tasty staples in the fridge. I always have some sort of homemade grain free, dairy free sauce in the fridge. Tonight’s sauce is a cherry BBQ sauce from the Nom Nom paleo cookbook – Yummo! I also have a jar of olive oil, garlic and lime juice in the fridge, it goes over the lettuce and sprouts to add some moisture and bring those drier parts of the meal to life.

Tonight I just salted some pork mince and cooked it in balls in some lard in the fry pan. The rest was just assembled from the fridge while the pork cooked. 10 minutes and dinner was done.

So I met the brief my exhausted body and mind had given me.

Hardly any time invested, hardly any washing up and as it turns out – loads and loads of nutrients. Sprouts are a fantastic super food, good fats in the olive oil dressing and the avocado. Probiotics from the delicious fermented carrot, ginger and currant. Fermented foods are such a great way to deliver vital nutrients to your body and aid digestion. This one is great because every now and then I’d get a gorgeous hit of ginger just to mix things up.

And my pre-dinner fatigue? Gone! After a meal of simple whole foods my body is grateful and I am ready to write this post. Win Win!

May you all have simple, healthy meals in your house xx

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