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This is a picture of me at the top of Whitsunday Island. My iPhone says its 117 floors up! What I know is that it was only 2.5km along – meaning threre was a lot of UP in that walk. Worth it though, on so many levels, the boys and I were pretty sweaty and in awe of the beautiful view. What you may not know is that this climb was a rite of passage, a major mile stone in my health journey. Two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease – Granulaomatosis with Polyangiitis, which isn’t very catchy I know, but one of the rarer ways an immune system tries to destroy its own body. I know this disease well, you see I was the Nurse Unit Manager of a dialysis unit, and I’ve given dialysis treatment to plenty of people who have had kidney failure secondary to this autoimmune condition. So when I was diagnosed I knew one thing… conventional medicine would only slow progression, not heal, and that a path to being truly well did not lie within conventional medicine.

Togetherness is such a big part of being well

My immune system has chosen to attack my airway. I have a fairly impressive supraglottic stenosis. What does that mean? It means that every day I live like someone breathing through a straw. Scar tissue and inflammation means that if I get sick... I get into trouble. It seems a simple solution... Don't get sick

Eating can be simple! Fresh handmade mayo and vege sticks!

I’d been interested in getting healthy for many years, fermenting and experimenting, sometimes in crazy ways… but I always thought the answer would be extreme! A extreme action for an extreme problem. And certainly, some people view the changes I made as extreme. I mean, come on, cutting out a whole food group? How risky! Of course, no-one mentions that cutting out grains in no way compromises what your macronutrient and micronutrient intake looks like.

I did look for the answers myself, and failed to make gains. 6 months after my diagnosis I was studying functional nutrition while eating doughnuts…. I was a slave to food addictions, afraid and sick. I finally worked out the problem –  I just didnt have a team. Sometimes knowledge alone isn’t enough.

Thats where Kultured Wellness came in…

I love those guys.

Kirsty is an amazing blend of tenacious, unstoppable brainiac, with a ‘heart of gold’ mumma. Its a pretty heady mix for someone who has decided to change the world – one gut at a time.

I did thier 6 month program and here are my outcomes:

Energy all day long
Sleep well
Normal appetite
Normal mood
Weight stabilised
My brain works – fog is gone
More confidant
A deep satisfaction with my life that replaced a constant unsettled feeling

Big wins require a supportive team around you and thats what I got with Kultured Wellness

Hitting the road for 3 months was not going to be an opportunity to fall back into old habits:
No Micky D's
No takeaway
No processed or packet food.
I would ferment and wholefood my away across the country!

Getting my ferment on with keffir starter and coconut water

Sauerkraut fermented behind the camper trailer tires or in the boot.

Green juice fermented with keffir - low sugar and high probiotic

Fermenting was easy, a jar, a bowl and a culture starter. Done. There is never a place where its too hard to spend 5 minutes making a fortnights supply of kraut!
Kultured Wellness were amazing. They sent a resupply of keffir and yoghurt cultures to me in Kununurra and again in Darwin. I just sent them an email and it was on its way.

Bone broth in the camper trailer kitchen

Fermenting is such a key aspect of keeping energy up and the gut functioning at its best. I packed 4 x 1.5L fido jars for the trip. Seriously, they took up half of the car fridge – but what else were we going to put into it? I didnt need to save space for  the milk and softdrinks…

So these four jars each had a wholefood allocated:



KW coconut yoghurt


These were the pillars of travelling while following my Kultured Wellness Life.

Fresh fish made for great sashimi in Darwin

A Day on the Road with Wholefoods

This was a much easier trip than I thought, and probably because all of those other things besides diet – those things we ignore that actually keep us well – were there. I had sunlight, movement, sleep, no wifi, no bluelight, I had connection with other humans, fresh air… But even with these things in place, we sometimes lose those benefits.

I’ve been on a cruise before and I’ve seen the plates loaded with pasta and sauces and carbs beyond reason! Truly – the food hall on a cruise ship is an indictment against the human race (anyone seen Wall-E?). Then we walk off the cruise ship so fatigued we need another holiday. Imagine having a holiday where you feel amazing everyday? Where you’re not tired? It’s not impossible to achieve, you just need to say NO to the foods that will keep you sick.

Everyday on this trip was a celebration of real food, we had fermented coconut water keffir and coconut yoghurt, we had broth, loads and loads of vegetables, sauerkraut. loads of good fats and importantly, we limited our sugar intake.

The thing I learned at Kultured Wellness is that what we consider a normal carbohydrate intake is quite extreme. And I’d have to say I agree. If we are exerting energy then we can have some good quality prebiotic carbohrdrates – the ones that also feed our microbiomes.

But toast for breakky, sandwiches for lunch and pasta or rice for dinner is a recipe for exhaustion, fatigue, weight gain and gut dysfunction. I’ll always be grateful to the team at Kultured Wellness for supporting me to kick my carbohydrate rich eating habits, guiding me through the erradication of gut infections and mostly, for giving me the skills to sppend three months on the road, where salads, soups, broths, yoghurts and any amazing whole food was second nature.

Granola chopped up in camp and toasted on the stove.

I truly had the time of my life on this trip and I believe I am now healthier than in my 20’s. I’m always telling people about my experience with Kultured Wellness. Check them out. I had so many things wrong in my gut, I was on multiple medications, gastroscopy every 6 months or so, constant reflux, confused doctors and I was constantly uncomfortable. Now I eat amazing wholefoods, have energy all day. But mostly, I have kowledge and support.

Imagine that – knowledge AND support.

I’m home now and I eat fermented foods every single day.

You can find their cultures here

The awesome ‘Gutalicious’ cookbook here

And information about their gut healing programs here

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