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Kylie Penn

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My journey here has been long, sometimes lovely and sometimes so very hard. I am a mother to two teens, wife, registered nurse with a masters degree, certified functional nutrition coach and beekeeper. I had been nursing for 18 years or so when I became unwell with an autoimmune disorder. Taking time to reflect on what health is and how to achieve it, I left my work and decided to make health recovery my full time occupation. After two years of hard work and seriously large amounts of tasty nourishing food, I am well on my way.


Finding my path through the modern world with all its ‘health’ traps was not simple. Pharmaceutical companies contribute greatly to illness, food companies are even worse and public health policy does not provide us with the correct information.


So what did I discover about wellness? SO many things: Firstly, health and wellness is the way I feel about myself, the absence of symptoms, a feeling of wellbeing, a positive mood and robustness against stress. This will be different for everyone. I have found you cannot be well with a healthy gut – go get that sorted right now! Off you go! You cannot be well unless you are empowered to take responsibility of your own health. Research, ask questions, and make your own decisions!


I have discovered that time in the kitchen is a form of self-care. And finally, when I place everything in the context of our ancestors, I always get my answer. Did our ancestors eat a loaf of wonder white each week? No way. Did they ferment vegetables and eat offal? Yep!

My passion is to balance the current research evidence with what we have learned from an anthropological perspective. Not just what we ate though, it’s the way we lived. Sunlight, laughter, community, eating together, sleeping in the dark and waking in the day. Dirt! On our hands, in our toes, on our faces, bugs, germs, microbes everywhere, keeping us robust, healthy and protected. That is how we lived when humans were free of chronic disease and it is my deepest belief that it is how we should live today to achieve health.


So jump on in with me… all disease begins in the gut and guess who is on control of that? YOU


Kylie is founder and owner at The Happy Gut. Located on the south coast of NSW, Kylie teaches people about gut health, fermenting and general wellness. Kylie is a registered nurse with a master’s degree, a functional nutrition coach and is currently completing her GAPS practitioner training. Kylie hosts educational and practical workshops on the south coast and is passionate about making change within her local community. Beekeeping, gardening, cooking and more cooking are the key to Kylies happiness.


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