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    The Happy Gut is the definition of Health! Founded in 2021, our aim is to provide a quality service that promotes the importance of good quality nutrition and the health benefits associated with consuming a good quality diet.  Consuming real food helps heal and prevent disease, the effect can be instant, such as feeling energised or it can be long term improving our overall health.
    We believe nutrition is important to physical and mental wellbeing. The food we eat affects and contributes to our body, mind and our overall health and we want to help educate people on living healthier and make it easier for the whole family.  We come from the Health and Fitness Industry. We’ve spent the last decade living and breathing Health and Fitness. We have read the nutritional panel of nearly every product on the Australian market.  We have read the false advertising of the major companies claiming to be “health” foods. We want to lead the way in the battle against the health destroying impacts of cheap, highly processed, artificial foods, too much sugar and fad weight loss diets. We have watched the Global Overweight/ Obesity statistics raise annually. We are now in the middle of a worldwide Health Pandemic. Our Gut Health, Immune Systems and overall Health have never been so important. Our aim is to offer more than just high-quality, nutritional products. We are a full-service Health and Fitness Store that guarantee to offer our local community nothing but 100% quality nutrition products, Australian sourced bulk foods, health and sports nutrition advice and quality customer service. We want to become an important part of the community.
    Built with 100% passion ❤️